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1) 16x20 of a Space piece on a black canvas with dark blue, white (to make different shades of blue and to have just white too) and a purple shade (mixed w/the white - check out images of space online that are these colors to get an idea of the feel), and finally a spacey light mint green. So, blue, white, purple and mint green are my colors on black. Maybe just a little splash of the mint green in one area. Is that doable?
2) 11x14 Heart Beat
3) 11x14 of this one: CHECK EMAIL

4) 12x16 Seahawks colors: Navy blue, white and almost neon green. If you could throw in a little grey too, that would be amazing. This picture is just for the colors I’d like; not what I expect your piece to look like.
<image2.jpeg> CHECK EMAIL
If you did do a logo at all on the Seahawks piece I’d like to use this one, CHECK EMAIL